Lucky lucky lucky :oP Or not. So I got an idea in mind for one of my wips. The one that I had to bug Kris for the spell for. So I go look for it. Not on the hard drive. Not on disk. My blasted five page start that I love and adore had mystically disappeared . I know I saved it. I know I used my dating system of saving it (which I’m really thinking right now sucks the big one) and I can’t find it. Even used the search function and here and did a search for Cary Grant since I knowRead More →

Yesterday sucked. Yup. Big Time. Crappiest day I’ve had in awhile. And I’d like to vent about it, but I can’t since a google search might turn it up :o) lol Let’s just say argh doesn’t fully encompass it and I’ll be venting about it in an email to my bestest buds. Its non writing relating but still sucky sucky sucky. If someone is influencing a certain situation, I am gonna be p.o.’ed. It’s starting to seem like what can go wrong this week, is. And will. I hate to think its the five week mark of the manuscript today, maybe that means the R’sRead More →

I’m so happy its Friday!! Its supposed to be sunny all weekend, I can probably get my seeds in and plant the few Dahlias I bought. And maybe go shoe shopping because I need some new ones for summer. Did some research on websites today, found out the domain I want (my name actually) expires from its current holder July 31st. I think it’d be easier for an author website to have then something else right? I like know nothing about websites but I’d like to get my own name as my domain if I can swing it. Apparently godaddy has some feature whereRead More →

I’m trying to add more of my favorite blogs to the side bar over there, but somehow some of my links have been lost to the mess that is the aol favorites folder (yikes) so I’ll have to go through there to find them. So if I comment on your blog and yours isn’t there yet, forgive me :o) Spent this afternoon playing around with my website. I don’t have an official one yet, haven’t paid for a web domain or gotten a host but I’m playing with the design a little. I’ve got one of those website creator programs that requires NO html (woohoo)Read More →

Another new post with not much to write about lolI hate Alberta weather. Really I do. It was nice on Sunday. Downpouring rain all day Monday. Yesterday rainy and cloudy and cold. I mean COLD!!! And today the same. Its supposed to be sunny tomorrow and somewhat warm. Do I believe it? Hah not likely. I just hope the weekend’s nice so I can spray paint my other two pots and get them seeded in too and move the marigolds outside that are in. Dad starts vacation next week which means my internet and writing time are going out the window. I love the guy,Read More →

So its exactly 4 weeks since Brit and Jas landed in the UK. Hopefully they’re enjoying the trip, sightseeing, sending cards to Vin, Ava and Mim’s lol. Here’s something funny though, ever since I mailed the ms, everything’s been having a UK mention. RAW that week was from Birmingham, there was a couple others that left my mind the moment I started typing this sentence and the best one: Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip are here in Edmonton right now. Isn’t that funny?So maybe its a sign of luck.Spent Sunday outside for about six hours, cleaning up my pots, need to paint two of themRead More →

Well I do. For my WIP. And I can’t think of anything. I’ve got one for my women’s fic idea that came to me yesterday loud and proud, shouting write me write me write me! I promptly created a new file with the date on the computer, typed the first sentence and let the femme fatale of that one cool down. Sorry girls, wait your turn. (If only I’d learned that lesson 5 yrs ago when I was doing 5, yes 5 stories at the same time. One that came out at 90 chapters + epilogue, 66 chapters and 30 some odd. I’m not evenRead More →

Its Friday. Yippee. :o) Well not that days really seem to matter much right now, just means I get to run errands this week, hopefully talk to my bestest buddy tomorrow night on IM at 8 barring more severe thunderstorm interruptions…but Sunday’s the season finale of Desperate Housewives and something else I think…so should be a good weekend. Plus I’m planning on starting my outdoor pots, just need to wash them out (though 2 of them are gonna get painted so have to hold back on those). Most of the seeds I started inside are up, my own marigold seeds from 98 were up inRead More →

I keep listening to Kylie Minogue’s song Red Blooded Woman. Its got a good beat, and I think its pretty good. Maybe I’m trying to see if it shakes something loose story wise. Spent most of the afternoon boxing up my Something To Talk About notes and handwritten pages up. Can I just say YIKES!!!!! There were more pages there than there was for my 507 page Romantic Suspense. But I got that clutter cleared up and my hanging files are now open and waiting for the next story idea to hit.I have that hockey player idea playing in the back of my head, itsRead More →