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Yesterday sucked. Yup. Big Time. Crappiest day I’ve had in awhile. And I’d like to vent about it, but I can’t since a google search might turn it up :o) lol Let’s just say argh doesn’t fully encompass it and I’ll be venting about it in an email to my bestest buds. Its non writing relating but still sucky sucky sucky. If someone is influencing a certain situation, I am gonna be p.o.’ed.

It’s starting to seem like what can go wrong this week, is. And will. I hate to think its the five week mark of the manuscript today, maybe that means the R’s already winging its way back from Richmond.

I got the rebate cheque from the seeds today. Yay. But they spelled my name wrong – in fact its a completely different last name!!! So I have to email and find out what it is exactly I need to do because I can’t cash it like that.

Off to listen to Backstreet and try and unwind.
Might be time to crack open my case of Mike’s Hard Lemonade

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