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How hard would you fight for the one you love? 

Josh Collins has the perfect life—a beautiful girlfriend and a baby on the way, until an accident takes his life. 

Avery Rhodes’ world imploded the moment she lost Josh. Her life and future unravelled in an instant. Alone and pregnant, she finds herself facing an unimaginable, turbulent and painful new reality.

With his newfound guide Gabriel, Josh is witness to the unintended consequences of his death, until he can’t take it anymore. He has to fight for everything and everyone he loves.

Together, Josh and Avery are forced to learn what happens IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES.


Spend an entire week alone in a private villa with a man I just met on an airport layover?



Worth it?


There was something about Cillian that drew me in from the moment he took the bar stool next to mine. That layover was nothing short of fate, and the fact we each have a plus one to two different weddings, seems like Serendipity.

But what happens when the week ends, can we each go back to our separate lives on opposite coasts?




Sexy, handsome, devilish Lucas Ridley is my best friend…
…and the man I’ve been madly in love with for years.

Fling after fling, I’ve watched him go through women like those expensive dress shirts he wears. On and off. On and off. And then he comes to me, old reliable me who listens to why this time it didn’t work. Again.

I could just shake him.

But I’ve been resigned to my fate as the best friend. Until now.

We’re headed to Curacao for Christmas, just the two of us. And I’m hoping it’s the start of a Christmas miracle.

Could it be, after all this time, that he’s realized what he’s been missing is me?




What happens when the Santa mannequin you end up sitting on…isn’t a mannequin after all?

Emma could never imagine that taking a seat on the lap of the Santa mannequin would lead to a Christmas flirtation with the possibility of oh so much more.

Noah’s used to women chasing him after being named one of the city’s most eligible bachelors. But Emma is completely different from every other woman he’s met. Suddenly he’s the one seemingly doing the chasing.

Can he turn this flirtationship into something real?





What happens when your rideshare gig gets you stranded with a Rock Star over Christmas?






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