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I’m trying to add more of my favorite blogs to the side bar over there, but somehow some of my links have been lost to the mess that is the aol favorites folder (yikes) so I’ll have to go through there to find them. So if I comment on your blog and yours isn’t there yet, forgive me :o)

Spent this afternoon playing around with my website. I don’t have an official one yet, haven’t paid for a web domain or gotten a host but I’m playing with the design a little. I’ve got one of those website creator programs that requires NO html (woohoo) so its not that bad. Kinda going pink in the first version, but we’ll see what happens. Not sure what all I’d need on there as an unpubbed…but i’ll play around with it a little, see what sticks.

What else, actual sunshine today which was a surprise. Weekend is supposed to be nice so planning on planting some flowers this weekend and doing some other errands.

Short update today huh? *g*

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  1. I would love to see your website! Have fun with it!

  2. I love pink! Can’t wait to see your website!

  3. Thanks Olga and Suzanne!
    I’ll post a link to it once I get it up. Still debating on whether to put a pic of myself on there or not. Guess we’ll see what happens when I hit upload :o)

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