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I’m so happy its Friday!! Its supposed to be sunny all weekend, I can probably get my seeds in and plant the few Dahlias I bought. And maybe go shoe shopping because I need some new ones for summer.

Did some research on websites today, found out the domain I want (my name actually) expires from its current holder July 31st. I think it’d be easier for an author website to have yourname.com then something else right? I like know nothing about websites but I’d like to get my own name as my domain if I can swing it. Apparently godaddy has some feature where they’ll try and get it for you if its coming up on expiry. Has anyone dealt with godaddy? Are they good or bad or whatever?

Going through Suzanne’s website today, I found a bunch of tips on websites. Thanks for those! Thinking I need to do a little adding to my as of yet, not uploaded website.

Guess that’s about it, winning bid is up to 5500 words, so at least something’s rolling. Now if only I can finish it by the end of June and get my rewrites of Shattered and HP done this summer too!

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  1. It’s definitely better to have a yourname.com than anything else because it’s the simplest thing for people to remember! Enjoy putting your website together. It’s a work-in-progress forever, or at least it is for me! But it’s fun. 🙂

  2. Hi. Came here via Nell Dixon. Are you still going to have your blog, maybe linked from your site?

    I’ve been reading about what a great marketing tool blogs are for writers, unpubbed or otherwise. I’ve been surfing around and there are some great writer blogs out there.

    Good luck with it!

  3. Thanks Suzanne. Think I’ll do a bit more research on godaddy and then put down the 18.95 or whatever to try and grab my name. 🙂 Its fun toying with the templates and making the pages. Have gone from pink to blue to this underwaterish look then back to pink. See what it actually looks like when I upload it hehe

  4. Hi Keris,

    Thanks for stopping by via Nell’s blog :o)
    Yeah definitely keeping the blog if/when I do get my official writer site up. I think blogs are definitely a great tool for writers, discovered a bunch of authors I probably wouldn’t have by clicking through the links.

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