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Another new post with not much to write about lol

I hate Alberta weather. Really I do. It was nice on Sunday. Downpouring rain all day Monday. Yesterday rainy and cloudy and cold. I mean COLD!!! And today the same. Its supposed to be sunny tomorrow and somewhat warm. Do I believe it? Hah not likely. I just hope the weekend’s nice so I can spray paint my other two pots and get them seeded in too and move the marigolds outside that are in. Dad starts vacation next week which means my internet and writing time are going out the window. I love the guy, I do, but he can’t still get the fact that I’m working when I’m at the computer. I’ve had talks and talks with him about it, and he still just doesn’t get it. So I guarantee there’ll be less than fifty pages written by the time end of June rolls around.

Writing update: 4 weeks and a day :o) And no news yet. So I’m hoping that at least by now someone, somewhere there is reading it. I just wish I’d realized earlier I didn’t need an entire chapter *sigh* oh well I guess its a good sign I recognized it but would have loved to have caught it before mailing the entire ms.
New wip is slowly going, up to 4K words so seems to be on a bit of a roll. Working title is Winning Bid…not sure if it’ll stay that way or not. Don’t want to talk a lot about it right now though, cuz its still in the really early stages of things.
Did some looking in my writing files for one scene I know I wrote earlier I can steal and put in here b/c it would fit so well and can’t find it, though I found two other story starts that weren’t half bad. Add that to my Bombshell wanna-be; the rewrites of Shattered and Temptation I’m supposed to be working on and its insane. And I don’t want to get burned out again, because I did that with STTA and its the pits.

Enough from me :o) Hope this one actually shows up this time

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