Two in a day…

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Lucky lucky lucky :oP

Or not. So I got an idea in mind for one of my wips. The one that I had to bug Kris for the spell for. So I go look for it. Not on the hard drive. Not on disk. My blasted five page start that I love and adore had mystically disappeared . I know I saved it. I know I used my dating system of saving it (which I’m really thinking right now sucks the big one) and I can’t find it. Even used the search function and here and did a search for Cary Grant since I know that’s in the pages somewhere. Didn’t turn up anything.

If this isn’t more proof this week sucks, I don’t know what is.

If its not upstairs in my writing binder later I give up. I’m spending the rest of the week under my desk with my big hershey kiss.

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  1. You are having a bad day! It’s five thirty somewhere, have a drink! 🙂 I always name my wip’s by the heroine, which makes it easier to find them since I never repeat heroine names.

  2. Never thought of naming it by the heroine. Will have to try that! Thanks for the idea :o)

    Will have to have the drink tonight, see if I can soothe the nerves a little more. Have some low-carb Mike’s lemon lime somewhere around here 🙂

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