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Well I do. For my WIP. And I can’t think of anything. I’ve got one for my women’s fic idea that came to me yesterday loud and proud, shouting write me write me write me! I promptly created a new file with the date on the computer, typed the first sentence and let the femme fatale of that one cool down. Sorry girls, wait your turn. (If only I’d learned that lesson 5 yrs ago when I was doing 5, yes 5 stories at the same time. One that came out at 90 chapters + epilogue, 66 chapters and 30 some odd. I’m not even going to check the other two) Apparently my English 10AP teacher was right on the head, I was writing novels not essays. Thanks Ms. Sobat! :o) (now watch that turn up in a google search this week!)

Other fun things, went to Costco with dad today and bought two lovely t-shirts. Their pretty nice actually. One’s white with a low V (apparently what all us busty women need to be wearing according to the women of what not to wear) and pink and black patterns up the side in a V (sorta like a hockey jersey actually) and the other’s mauve with a pink design down the side. So pretty happy since my wardrobe needs an overhaul one of these days. Didn’t get to plant the flowers from last weekend yet though, probably tomorrow since we came home late and I was supposed to be meeting my best bud on IM at 8, but I’m still there and she isn’t. Krissy, Krissy where are you? *g*

The cat showed up again and got two robins sometime between midnight and noon this morning. *sigh* So trying to figure out a way to keep the predator away. Mom said she thinks she knows which cat it is so I’m going to keep an eye out more.

Enough from me, not sure if I’ll post anything tomorrow or not.


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  1. hi, Lis! Congrats on good buys (T-shirts sound wonderful). As for the title, you know I even had to run a contest for mine, but if you e-mail me the blurb, I’ll try to come up with something…

  2. Hey Olga!

    Thanks, I think the t’s are cute, and costco usually has some good deals so glad I picked them up.
    Sure, will do. Right now my mom suggested Winning Bid as a title, but I don’t know *shrug*

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