About Me

Writing where the muse takes me…

I think I’ve always had stories in my head, and never really realized that not everyone else did.

I’ve always had a love for the paranormal and some days it seems most of my writing has something paranormal pop up in it somewhere. 

Music is probably my number one inspiration for writing. I can’t write in silence. I usually end up making a soundtrack for each book.


In case you’ve noticed there’s a bit of a space between my first book release and the next ones. I went through a very nightmarish period of time (some of which I’m still going through) and my writing stopped. I had revisions back from my editors for the next three books, but the words weren’t there. I didn’t dare touch them, afraid that I’d mess up what I already had and ruin it.

It’s been over a year now since I lost my best friend, my #1 supporter, my mom and the words are finally coming back and I’m slowly getting back to everything.

So I’ve rebranded If Tomorrow Never Comes, brand new cover…paperback is finally available and hopefully later this year, the audiobook will be available to.


More to come…





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