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Its Friday. Yippee. :o) Well not that days really seem to matter much right now, just means I get to run errands this week, hopefully talk to my bestest buddy tomorrow night on IM at 8 barring more severe thunderstorm interruptions…but Sunday’s the season finale of Desperate Housewives and something else I think…so should be a good weekend. Plus I’m planning on starting my outdoor pots, just need to wash them out (though 2 of them are gonna get painted so have to hold back on those).

Most of the seeds I started inside are up, my own marigold seeds from 98 were up in 2 days. Fast huh? *g* But two packs of specialty seeds I bought last month didn’t germinate yet and they were planted almost three-four weeks ago *scratches head* Have to check the calender on that. Anyhoos, I went to the seed co’s website today and under ask an expert people were talking about a couple seeds that they had that didn’t germinate and someone had the hybrid petunias which I had and the ‘expert’ woman said to contact the customer service email for replacements. Cool! So I scribbled down a short email saying I bought the petunia hybrid seeds last month and the geranium eyes right and neither have anything germinating x weeks later. Included the lot # as well. So we’ll see what the response is. Be nice to get them replaced since each pack was almost $4 a piece and the geranium’s only had 8 seeds in it *insert shocked look here*

So what else to ramble on about, started something new yesterday. Yup. Happy to finally have a bit of something going. Though its in my old style of working, it kinda could fit Temptation if it has to (same sort Sassyness STTA had) so I’m 1800 actual word count in and I don’t mind it. Its got the vineyard/winery I’ve been thinking of tackling since Andrew’s appearance on The Bachelor :o) So that’ll be cool. I’ll work around the research right now and get it down then go back in and layer in research as its needed.

Next Tuesday marks 4 weeks the MS’s been in Richmond. Should I ignore the good feeling I have? I dunno. Anyone who really knows me knows how pessimistic I tend to get. I’d say I failed a test after writing it then pass it with a 90. Its just sorta like my good luck charm, it sucks therefore its good *if that makes any sense* but something about STTA is so different. Can’t explain it. I tried with Barb the other day and not sure I made a lot of sense.

What else, hmmm, listened to a lovely radio interview today with one of the guys from my favorite band/group and he said their hitting the US and Canada this summer so I’m crossing the crossables that includes Edmonton. Haven’t seen them in 4 years and would love to see them again. Especially if I won what I think I did :o)

K, enough rambley from me.

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