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So its exactly 4 weeks since Brit and Jas landed in the UK. Hopefully they’re enjoying the trip, sightseeing, sending cards to Vin, Ava and Mim’s lol. Here’s something funny though, ever since I mailed the ms, everything’s been having a UK mention. RAW that week was from Birmingham, there was a couple others that left my mind the moment I started typing this sentence and the best one: Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip are here in Edmonton right now. Isn’t that funny?

So maybe its a sign of luck.

Spent Sunday outside for about six hours, cleaning up my pots, need to paint two of them so put them aside and seeded in my two new ones from last year. See when those pop up. Seeded the one area under the side kitchen windows for mom, put a bunch in there so see what all comes up. The soil isn’t the greatest and we already put in a few seeds a couple weeks ago when she put in bulbs so I added some baby blue eyes and godetia and cosmos. Something with some height and width so it won’t look so bare since we took out the one hedgey thing.

Other than that, not a whole heck of a lot going on. Seed company emailed this morning and will send replacement packages. Yay!! I so wanted to grow my own martha washington’s this year.


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  1. Yes, it should be a good sign!
    And you seem to be great with plants. I don’t have a green thumb. The only plants that survive me, I think, are cacti and palms. I used to have beautiful violets on the window, though. Bright-blue.

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