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I keep listening to Kylie Minogue’s song Red Blooded Woman. Its got a good beat, and I think its pretty good. Maybe I’m trying to see if it shakes something loose story wise. Spent most of the afternoon boxing up my Something To Talk About notes and handwritten pages up. Can I just say YIKES!!!!! There were more pages there than there was for my 507 page Romantic Suspense. But I got that clutter cleared up and my hanging files are now open and waiting for the next story idea to hit.

I have that hockey player idea playing in the back of my head, its sorta calling to me every once in awhile and I know I’ll hit it eventually, I just don’t know about the meet deal with that yet. So we’ll see.

I find it funny that the supposed rules (which I don’t believe in, never have) say you can’t have an athlete hero and yet three books I’ve picked up in the last while have an athlete in them and he’s not retired, he’s not on vacation or anything else.

They do say write what you know, and what do I know better than hockey players?? *g*


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  1. Exactly, write what you know and write it from your heart. I say, know the rules and break them. All the projects I received requests for were breaking the rules, some of them several rules at a time. Go for it and best of luck!

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