Since its New Year’s Eve, I’ve sorta done some thinking back. All in all, I guess 2005 wasn’t a bad year. It brought a few good things professionally and the return of NHL hockey! hehe (I had to throw that in there ya know) Had an interesting reading with the clairvoyant, which I finally got a edited version of when they replayed it on the radio a few weeks ago. I think *hope* I’ve grown as a writer. And right now I’m branching into areas I really didn’t think I’d go. (Chick-lit, who would have ever guessed?) Anyways, some personal, professional highlights of the year,Read More →

So I admit it…on the blog tour tonight while trying to clear away writer’s block I stumbled across this at Bronwyn’s blog and hereby copy :o) Best book: Okay there’s so many, and tons in my TBR pile, I liked Hot Number by Carly Phillips; the Goddess books in Bombshell, bunch more that are slipping my mindBest movie: Since I don’t do a lot of movies till they come out on DVD, Mr & Mrs. Smith. Got it for Christmas and love it love it love it. Best TV show: Episode? The RAW & Smackdown tributes to Eddie were just…heartbreaking and amazing. Other shows: Rodney;Read More →

Greetings all! Things are very very slow around here. Computer time has been nil the last few days, as has writing time *gulp* but I have watched some really good movies, including Mr & Mrs. Smith. Stirring a few story ideas that one…but they have to get in line! So my writerly news of last week is nothing that exciting, more something that makes a person a little p.o’ed. Which is why I didn’t want to post it during the holidays. See, on Friday December 23rd, I recieved an R on an agent query. Nothing wrong with that right? Well let’s see how it wasRead More →

As a good little girl I was promptly up at 6:30 this morning and in line to get into Zellers to shop at 6:55. Ah, my first foray into the crazy world of Boxing Day shopping. Usually my mom worked boxing day first thing in the morning so we never really went. But since mom’s off, we decided to hit some of the sales. :o) I am now the proud owner of my birthday pressies early. Bought myself the first season of Desperate Housewives ($30 baby!) and mom and dad got me Miami Vice season 2 (Crockett baby, Crockett!!!!) plus a couple books (December bombshellRead More →

I got the idea from a post over on www.romancingtheblog.comHere’s my version: Dear Santa,I’ve been a very good girl this year (minus of course, the swearing, the crush on the “Legend Killer” Randy Orton since good girls NEVER like the bad boys lol, sneaking in VHS tapes to feed my wwe habit and snooping at my Christmas presents that arrived last week. Pussycat Dolls CD, woohoo!!!) Now that I’ve convinced you of my merit, here’s what I’d like under the tree this year:~ Well it won’t fit under the tree but if you could help my favorite player get dealt let’s say west, to oh,Read More →

I’m 600 words from hitting 60K on Sabrina, and I’m pretty much all stalled out. I don’t think making myself hit 50K during NaNo was this rough, though I don’t quite want to look back at last month’s entries lol I’m just hoping it’ll stop giving me headaches soon. I went back and looked over the first printed draft last night (a whopping 15K words) and actually some of its pretty funny! Hard to believe :o)Read More →

So the cards have started arriving, along with the pressies from my best friend :o)Woohoo! I’m one of those ‘lucky’ folk whose birthday falls just right after Xmas (Jan. 3rd, though apparently I was expected on December 26th. Yikes!) so its the gifty time of year for me.Still have two packages to go out and one of those I have to decide what to buy. Nothing like getting down to a deadline eh? Plus still need to shop for mom a little, have her stocking stuff but really nothing else. Nothing like going to west edmonton mall, home of 6 or 700 stores and comingRead More →

That sound would be oh a whole bunch of things, ala confidence, self esteem and a bunch others just tumbling to the ground. I was going to quote a traveling wilburys song, but I can’t remember a few of the lines other then ‘never saw them when they were standing, never saw them when they fell, all the way to hell’Which sorta sums up how I feel about my writing right now.Like its all going/gone to hell.And after 8 years, maybe everything up till now has really been one gigantic fluke.Because really, I suck.So. I think with that said, I’s done. *final sweeping bow*Read More →

Dad’s taken to calling himself leftie :o)Which fits because his right arm is a nice blue sling which he says matches his pretty blue eyes lol As you can probably tell, Dad’s back home. He was released yesterday morning and is only feeling pain now, though not really in his shoulder unless he’s doing his physio. He says he feels like he’s been in a car accident from the way they had him strapped in the chair and rotated during surgery. But he’s up and around and he’s actually able to sleep which was what he was most worried about. Went by romance divas &Read More →

~ Spend 13+ straight hours in a hospital~ See my dad so not himself…~ And relive any part of today. I’m surprised if I’m actually coherent in any part of this. But I’m so wiped out, and freaking sick after today I doubt I’ll be online much this week at all. We woke up at 4, had a cab by 5:15 and were at the hospital at 5:30 this morning.(And I am SO not a morning person)Then spent two hours in the TV room – most of the time with dad – waiting for him to get called.One hour in the cafeteria, trying not toRead More →