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That sound would be oh a whole bunch of things, ala confidence, self esteem and a bunch others just tumbling to the ground. I was going to quote a traveling wilburys song, but I can’t remember a few of the lines other then ‘never saw them when they were standing, never saw them when they fell, all the way to hell’
Which sorta sums up how I feel about my writing right now.
Like its all going/gone to hell.
And after 8 years, maybe everything up till now has really been one gigantic fluke.
Because really, I suck.
So. I think with that said, I’s done.

*final sweeping bow*

5 Replies to “Whoosh…”

  1. Okay, rolling up my sleeves to grab Lis by her shoulders and give her a shake. Repeat after me – YOU DO NOT SUCK! You are a talented and imaginative writer who got a full request from a M&B; editor who wants to see more of your work, agents have requested your work! You do not suck! Love you sweetie!

  2. Lis, what Nell said. It was not a fluke and you do not suck! DON’T EVEN THINK SO! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!! Girl, you’ve come a long way, and have a list of accomplishments that show, once again, that you’re talented! Please don’t give it up! And if you need to talk, please e-mail me. I’ll be there for you.

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