2005 Highlights and looking ahead

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Since its New Year’s Eve, I’ve sorta done some thinking back. All in all, I guess 2005 wasn’t a bad year. It brought a few good things professionally and the return of NHL hockey! hehe (I had to throw that in there ya know) Had an interesting reading with the clairvoyant, which I finally got a edited version of when they replayed it on the radio a few weeks ago. I think *hope* I’ve grown as a writer. And right now I’m branching into areas I really didn’t think I’d go. (Chick-lit, who would have ever guessed?)
Anyways, some personal, professional highlights of the year, in some sort of chronological order
~ Won chance to pitch something to talk about to KY for then named New Temptation.
~ Got request for full of STTA from pitch
~ Finished STTA and mailed it out, only a little behind my personal deadline…though it ultimately reached the 19 week waiting period from Richmond
~ 2005 Beez Virtual Conference – held my first workshops, Writing The Dreaded Synopsis, Agents and Writing With Emotion
~ Took my first official workshop from Suzanne in September…
~ 3 agent requests to see partials of STTA Sept/Oct.
~ NaNoWriMo first attempt and winner with almost 60K done on Sabrina in November alone
~ Met some wonderful fellow writers through the Beez working chats :o)
Want to send out a few shout-outs and thank yous to some wonderful ladies in my life. So glad to know you and even happier we’re friends. Nell, Olga, Barb. For all your time, chats and emails of encouragement. *hugs* Wishing you guys nothing but the best in 06. The working chatters at the Beez, Sabrina wouldn’t be in her current form without you! The excerpt should be up tomorrow!! I promise!!
And to anyone else I forgot who thinks they should be here, happy new year to you and yours and thanks for putting up with moody ol’ me!! :o)

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