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Dad’s taken to calling himself leftie :o)
Which fits because his right arm is a nice blue sling which he says matches his pretty blue eyes lol As you can probably tell, Dad’s back home. He was released yesterday morning and is only feeling pain now, though not really in his shoulder unless he’s doing his physio. He says he feels like he’s been in a car accident from the way they had him strapped in the chair and rotated during surgery. But he’s up and around and he’s actually able to sleep which was what he was most worried about.

Went by romance divas & my entry’s up. Sometimes I wonder why I even enter sometimes. I know I head hop, always have, probably always will. Its my voice. Agents haven’t said to change it. Editors haven’t said to change it but other writers are giving me low scores for it. *shrug* So whatever. Maybe I should have entered Her Protector instead.

In other writing news, still going strong on Sabrina. Need to change that counter sometime this week but I should be hitting 60K soon. I think I’ll print it at 70K and edit it later. Need to go back to a few others and see what I want to do with them. Do I want to do MX? Do I want to try something else? Plus I have two other paranormal ideas floating around that I’m actually excited about getting down.

Anyway, off to do the blog tour and get some of the handwritten Sabrina typed up.

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  1. I’m glad he’s doing okay. You’ve been in my prayers this week.

  2. Thank you Nell! Means a lot!!

  3. I’m so glad your father is better and at home! As for the comments, they are subjective. I received a wide range of comments from contests. Believe in yourself!

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