Things I Never Want To Do Again…

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~ Spend 13+ straight hours in a hospital
~ See my dad so not himself…
~ And relive any part of today.

I’m surprised if I’m actually coherent in any part of this. But I’m so wiped out, and freaking sick after today I doubt I’ll be online much this week at all. We woke up at 4, had a cab by 5:15 and were at the hospital at 5:30 this morning.
(And I am SO not a morning person)
Then spent two hours in the TV room – most of the time with dad – waiting for him to get called.
One hour in the cafeteria, trying not to think about surgery.
Two and a half hours upstairs, trying to find a nurse who could tell us a) where the hell was he? and b) everything that they asked. Was he day surgery? Uhm yeah that’s what you told him this morning. Or was he in a unit? Uh well…gee…don’t think so because you switched that when he came upstairs. Grrrr…
Then to finally found out he just came up and is in a room then be told…no he’s not there go to the TV room. I’m sorry but that chick is lucky I didn’t explode on her at that moment.
Lets see if I’m doing my math, that makes 7 hours left in Dad’s hospital room. Trying (the operative word) to get him to a) cough, b) breathe deeply, c) move his legs and oh yeah d) stay awake.
And I kinda don’t ever want to relive that moment where his eyes rolled.
If that’s not too much to ask.
Its not bad enough I’m probably pmsing, but I freakin’ hate crying when I walked out of his room when we left. He was still so freaking groggy 7+ hours later.
Just hope its wearing off tonight and he’ll be better in the morning.
And I can sleep somewhat because right now I feel like absolute shit.
Totally, completely.

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