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So the cards have started arriving, along with the pressies from my best friend :o)
Woohoo! I’m one of those ‘lucky’ folk whose birthday falls just right after Xmas (Jan. 3rd, though apparently I was expected on December 26th. Yikes!) so its the gifty time of year for me.
Still have two packages to go out and one of those I have to decide what to buy. Nothing like getting down to a deadline eh? Plus still need to shop for mom a little, have her stocking stuff but really nothing else. Nothing like going to west edmonton mall, home of 6 or 700 stores and coming back with only soap from the body shop.

What else is new?

Emailed one agent to check on the status of the partial, just to make sure it did arrive – since the one last year never did make it – and she emailed to say thanks for being patient. So at least I know its there and I can delve right back into Sabrina’s story for awhile.

That’s about it!

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  1. As you know, I just received your card! It’s so beautiful! Thanks, girl!

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