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So I admit it…on the blog tour tonight while trying to clear away writer’s block I stumbled across this at Bronwyn’s blog and hereby copy :o)

Best book: Okay there’s so many, and tons in my TBR pile, I liked Hot Number by Carly
Phillips; the Goddess books in Bombshell, bunch more that are slipping my mind
Best movie: Since I don’t do a lot of movies till they come out on DVD, Mr & Mrs. Smith. Got it
for Christmas and love it love it love it.
Best TV show: Episode? The RAW & Smackdown tributes to Eddie were just…heartbreaking
and amazing. Other shows: Rodney; Las Vegas and I want to say Gilmore Girls
but I don’t know if I like the twist with Luke. General Hospital would be here if it
wasn’t for the horrible 1st Carly recast *cringe* oh and honorable mention to
Desperate Housewives and that retro throwback Miami Vice just because I
*heart* Sonny Crockett
Best song: Just Want You To Know – Backstreet Boys/Alive – Melissa O’Neal/Don’t Cha –
Pussycat Dolls
Best moment: When the NHL came back :o) Getting the request for a full of STTA & Winning
Best location: erm, here I guess. Didn’t go anywhere
Best event: NHL coming back
Best shopping experience: online, VS brought back my favorites
Best purchase: my bookshelf, NHL centre ice
Best Guilty Pleasure: hmmm, either my Kid Rock CDs or my Miami Vice addiction.
Best thing I did for myself: bought the season subscription to NHL Centre Ice. Almost all the
games. So I can watch every Phoenix and Islanders game!

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