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Greetings all!

Things are very very slow around here. Computer time has been nil the last few days, as has writing time *gulp* but I have watched some really good movies, including Mr & Mrs. Smith. Stirring a few story ideas that one…but they have to get in line!

So my writerly news of last week is nothing that exciting, more something that makes a person a little p.o’ed. Which is why I didn’t want to post it during the holidays. See, on Friday December 23rd, I recieved an R on an agent query. Nothing wrong with that right? Well let’s see how it was handled.
Not from the agent.
But from the agent’s assistant.
Still nothing really wrong with that. This agent is one of the supposed Biggie’s. Of course she’d have an assistant right?
But how the agent assistent sent the FORM R is the problem.
To apparently all SIXTY-THREE people who had the misfortune of their query sitting in her inbox.
You see, the assistant, probably running late to the last day holiday party, copied and pasted every single author’s name and put it in the to: field and hit send.
Ah, happy holidays writer’s everywhere :o) *sarcasm here*
I had a few fuming words going through my mind, which my parents didn’t understand until people amongst those special 63 started emailing one another. First came an offer from an agency I hadn’t ever heard of offering to look at 5 pages. Then came more responses from authors. Telling it far more better than I could have phrased it. Disrespectful. Rude. Arrogant.
Anyway, lesson learned. One supposed big-time agent and her and her assistant’s attitude scratched off my list with permanent marker.
Hope santa filled her stocking with coal! *g*

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  1. Thanks Nell! I’m kinda hoping. I mean if she was in that big a rush then just leave them till after the holiday break. Mine had already been there 5 weeks.

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