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As a good little girl I was promptly up at 6:30 this morning and in line to get into Zellers to shop at 6:55. Ah, my first foray into the crazy world of Boxing Day shopping. Usually my mom worked boxing day first thing in the morning so we never really went. But since mom’s off, we decided to hit some of the sales. :o)

I am now the proud owner of my birthday pressies early. Bought myself the first season of Desperate Housewives ($30 baby!) and mom and dad got me Miami Vice season 2 (Crockett baby, Crockett!!!!) plus a couple books (December bombshell & Jane Millionaire) and BSB Never Gone – The Videos. Ah, I can replay Just Want You To Know over and over and over… *g* There’s nothing like the part when Nick grabs his alter ego’s leg I tell ya!

So while Zellers wasn’t busy, ran into a friend of a friend and surprisingly he was the one who found the box with what I was looking for in it, and Canadian Tire was mildly busy, Wal-Mart was a crazy crazy mess. Huge line ups and just yuck. Glad we got in and out of there pretty quick with my presents. Though however I am now officially feeling yuck. Too much stress? Maybe. But after two nights of no sleep at all, I think I could crash anytime now.

Probably gonna post a bit of a writerly rant this week. Something er happened, occurred last week that I wanted to post about but didn’t want to put it up during Xmas. So, look out for that one. My first authorly post!! :o)

Hope everyone had a great Christmas


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