The lovely agent emailed me back twice this afternoon, apparently the submission never arrived. *sigh* I’ll print one out this weekend and mail it. Guess I should have listened to my gut that day and double taped over the address label, I’ve got a feeling it got wet, smeared and became unreadable. Oh well. Live and learn. I’ll have to order some more US stamps soon I guess :o)Read More →

So I emailed the agent, just asked if she could tell me whether or not she did receive the query package. If she says no, I’ll probably resend. I still do have one agent who I *think* has the first 75 pages she requested. I’m saying think because I didn’t track hers either, but I mailed hers the same day I sent out STTA. So have to wait and see.I went back and the agent I emailed, they finally have an agency website. Yay! lol I’m sorry but I kind of prefer agents with a web presence. I like actually being able to see theRead More →

Well the Summer has officially begun and its turned into rainy, thunderstorm season here. The joys lol Was sitting in the living room last night when this weird spiral lightning hit, it buzzed then the house shook. That was weird. A little afraid it was going to come through the window and get me since I had my writing binder on my lap. But I’m told lightning can’t go through windows…*can it?*Seems like summer’s also taken over in writerland. Not much news going around lately – besides Nell’s sale of course!! :o) – blogs are quiet, agents and editors may be in hibernation mode…and writersRead More →

And counting…Today’s the 8 week mark on Something To Talk About. I’m not so much nervous but just wondering how far it is in the reader-editor process. Does Richmond even use readers? Burning questions lol Actually had a good writing flow last night, wrote for an hour and did 1600 words on Winning Bid. Had a nice father’s day in spite of it being the 19th. Had to exchange the one tool gift I got dad, the case wouldn’t close properly so ran out to Canadian Tire to do that, priced some stone for the edging and did some running around. Then mom and IRead More →

*glances up* A day late huh?So yesterday was Canada Day and unlike a lot of flag waving Canucks I don’t quite celebrate it. I prefer to indulge my 1/8 or 1/16 American side at times lolWe got an email from a friend of ours yesterday morning inviting us over so we went over about 9 last night. Was nice, talked for awhile, went outside to watch the fireworks at midnight but didn’t see any then headed out to Tim Horton’s for a midnight snack. (talk about celebrating in Canuck fashion lol) But since I’m not a big fan of their food, I had a canRead More →

is one of the hardest days of the year for me.June 19th, 2002 at 12:05 pm I had to put my beautiful angel and muse H.B.K to sleep. He was just six weeks shy of his fifth birthday.He got sick so fast that it was an absolute shock that he was so sick that we’d have to put him down. The first night he ever spent away from home was the night before when the vet kept him overnight on an IV.Anyways, in honor of my loveable furball and best friend, today’s blog post is completely his own.August 13th, 1997 – June 19th, 2002Read More →

So Alberta and Saskatchewan have spent the last two days in the stronghold of weird weather.And since most of my family *grumblegrumble* is in Southern Saskatchewan, we spent most of yesterday watching the weather channel. You know its bad when the two meterologists are telling people in the areas in purple to go take cover immediately, don’t bother opening windows just go. We knew something was up the day before when the one guy was saying use Friday to prepare and know where everyone is. Kinda scary. My best friend lives in one of the purple zones in Southern Alberta and they showed the streetsRead More →

I’m not too sure what all I feel like blogging about today, its yet another day in the pathetic month of June. If every month was like this, there’s just no way to handle it.Writing is slow going, I’m not sure about Winning Bid at all. It almost feels like I’ve forgotten how to write. Which is a bit scary, I’ve spent the last seven years writing whenever I could, starting in fanfic and branching out and I can’t even do the fanfic right now. I thought that was my comfort zone, and even there I can’t get the ideas down on paper.Off to watchRead More →

Just when I thought things were looking up around here, the proverbial “s” hits the fan. Its not writing related thankfully, though I haven’t touched winning bid in 5 days and I’m already getting antsy about it. Though yesterday marked the 7 week mark on Something To Talk About. I’m just wondering if anyone’s even glanced at it. But anyways, there’s a situation going on ‘back home’ with my grandma and two of her kids – my one aunt and one uncle. And its well not good. So its upsetting MY mom which she doesn’t need, she’s trying to bring down her stress levels (she’sRead More →

CD cover Today’s the day I’ve been waiting well almost 5 years for, the new BSB CD. So today’s post is solely dedicated to the Boys and their best CD yet which is officially released today. To hear clips, go to I’m madly addicted to Just Want You To Know…Off to happy land where I can blare Backstreet loud and proud :o) (Catch the boys appearances this week: CBS Early Show – Wednesday morning/Leno – Thursday/MuchMusic Awards – Sunday/MuchOnDemand – Monday)Read More →