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So I emailed the agent, just asked if she could tell me whether or not she did receive the query package. If she says no, I’ll probably resend. I still do have one agent who I *think* has the first 75 pages she requested. I’m saying think because I didn’t track hers either, but I mailed hers the same day I sent out STTA. So have to wait and see.

I went back and the agent I emailed, they finally have an agency website. Yay! lol I’m sorry but I kind of prefer agents with a web presence. I like actually being able to see the person I may be dealing with and putting my career in their hands. The site talks a lot about branding which I’d been thinking about for awhile (didn’t I post on that before?) anyways, that’s the one hitch. My brand could technically at this moment go three ways: Something To Talk About: Sexy, Sassy Contemporary. Her Protector : Romantic Suspense, and then some of my other stuff is angsty…think Danielle Steele but not so heavy on the women’s fic feel most of her stuff is now. So that’s confuzzling.

Funny moment of the day: going through my draft box in outlook and finding parts of STTA I’d been planning on emailing to my yahoo account as back up. I don’t remember writing half of it, and its kinda good! *g*

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  1. I’m glad you’re happy with your work, and I think you were right e-mailing the agent! You don’t lose anything! Best of luck!

  2. Thanks Olga :o)
    Its funny the other day I couldn’t remember the other characters then I found the story parts. Sorta nice to realize its not half bad after weeks of wanting to pull my hair out and withdraw from the pitch *g*

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