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So Alberta and Saskatchewan have spent the last two days in the stronghold of weird weather.
And since most of my family *grumblegrumble* is in Southern Saskatchewan, we spent most of yesterday watching the weather channel.

You know its bad when the two meterologists are telling people in the areas in purple to go take cover immediately, don’t bother opening windows just go. We knew something was up the day before when the one guy was saying use Friday to prepare and know where everyone is. Kinda scary. My best friend lives in one of the purple zones in Southern Alberta and they showed the streets flooded and baseball sized hail. Haven’t talked to her yet but I’m hoping her place didn’t get flooded. May not be the time to mention we may be concert goers in September!

Today we got hit with some of it up here not the intense thunderstorms but the rain. Still raining out but tomorrow is supposed to be nice. *fingers crossed*

On the writing side, working a bit more on Winning Bid. Did some of the synopsis (just two paragraphs but still…) and playing with the first big scene between the two. See how it goes.

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