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Today’s the day I’ve been waiting well almost 5 years for, the new BSB CD. So today’s post is solely dedicated to the Boys and their best CD yet which is officially released today.

To hear clips, go to www.backstreetboys.com
I’m madly addicted to Just Want You To Know…

Off to happy land where I can blare Backstreet loud and proud :o)

(Catch the boys appearances this week: CBS Early Show – Wednesday morning/Leno – Thursday/MuchMusic Awards – Sunday/MuchOnDemand – Monday)

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  1. Enjoy the songs! This is just a quick fly by before I go back to the hospital… Hope everything is fine?

  2. Hey Olga!
    Definitely enjoying the songs! So nice to have new music to work to hehe Doesn’t hurt to look at the photos either *g*
    Things are eh, so-so right now. Trying to stay sane and keep writing. Did 700 words earlier on Winning Bid, hope I can keep the momentum going.

  3. Hey Jill!
    That they do :o)
    If only they’d put that out as a poster I could put it above my desk, but have to make due with it as wallpaper on the comp. right now

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