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The lovely agent emailed me back twice this afternoon, apparently the submission never arrived. *sigh* I’ll print one out this weekend and mail it. Guess I should have listened to my gut that day and double taped over the address label, I’ve got a feeling it got wet, smeared and became unreadable. Oh well. Live and learn. I’ll have to order some more US stamps soon I guess :o)

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  1. Oh, good, I’m glad you checked!!! Better luck with this mailing!

  2. Best of luck this time around, and would you like me to mail you some U.S. stamps?

  3. Thanks Suzanne, Olga :o)

    I’ve got a couple left after I mail this partial, but I’ll let you know Olga! Thanks for the offer :o)

  4. Go for it, Lis! Blowing lucky dust in your direction.

  5. Thanks for the lucky dust Nell!! :o)

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