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Today’s the 8 week mark on Something To Talk About. I’m not so much nervous but just wondering how far it is in the reader-editor process. Does Richmond even use readers? Burning questions lol Actually had a good writing flow last night, wrote for an hour and did 1600 words on Winning Bid.

Had a nice father’s day in spite of it being the 19th. Had to exchange the one tool gift I got dad, the case wouldn’t close properly so ran out to Canadian Tire to do that, priced some stone for the edging and did some running around. Then mom and I took him out for dinner to our favorite restaurant that just reopened last month. It was our first time there since it burned down about 2 summers ago and they’ve really made it nice in there. Its not the same setup but the food’s still amazing.

On a RAW note really quick, OMG what the heck was up with the Matt Hardy music during the Edge/Lita wedding?? I thought maybe he’d show up then I thought nah…maybe Vince is testing the waters? Carlito to RAW, would not have expected that one. So I’m guessing we will see Y2J to smackdown. Booo!!! Though under that hair, Carlito may not be bad looking lol

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  1. Aw, Lis, the waiting is SO hard! But I always hear the U.K. office is FAST, so maybe not too much longer.

  2. Congrats on a nice flow and a nice Father’s Day! And hugs on waiting for the response from Richmond, but I hope you won’t have to wait long (and that the response will be positive!)

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