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Just when I thought things were looking up around here, the proverbial “s” hits the fan. Its not writing related thankfully, though I haven’t touched winning bid in 5 days and I’m already getting antsy about it. Though yesterday marked the 7 week mark on Something To Talk About. I’m just wondering if anyone’s even glanced at it.

But anyways, there’s a situation going on ‘back home’ with my grandma and two of her kids – my one aunt and one uncle. And its well not good. So its upsetting MY mom which she doesn’t need, she’s trying to bring down her stress levels (she’s been home since January with extreme high blood pressure) and things were slowly getting normal and this blows up…hello, I don’t want to have to have to take her to the ER because she’s hitting 200 again like we did in January. So since I can’t exactly vent around home, or tell Oma to open up her eyes, I can at least vent here.

I’m sorry but to take advantage of an almost 82 year old woman like this, and practically brainwash her is beyond ignorant. I hate to say I had these two pegged years ago, but I did.
As my one aunt calls them, the rocket scientists of the family, should have their heads examined. They’ve talked her into giving up her two bedroom condo and move into a small cramped house with the wacky whiny aunt and her 5 cats and two teenagers oh and stairs that Oma can’t use because its like a ladder their so steep. (She sold her house a couple years ago and moved into the condo to get away from stairs) So the other brain surgeon, is going to move into Oma’s condo because he can’t find a place of his own (the house she’s moving in to…is his. He apparently can’t live there since his wife died last year…well then sell it). This same uncle, took her couch out of the house without asking at Christmas and drove around with it in his van for over a month…

Its like a bad movie plot and its pathetic to be living it even at this distance.

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  1. Aw, hugs, Lis. It’s hard to see that when you really can’t do anything about it. :/

  2. Major hugs. I hope the situation will improve, Lis!

  3. Thanks guys.

    I hope something changes before the projected move date

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