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Well the Summer has officially begun and its turned into rainy, thunderstorm season here. The joys lol Was sitting in the living room last night when this weird spiral lightning hit, it buzzed then the house shook. That was weird. A little afraid it was going to come through the window and get me since I had my writing binder on my lap. But I’m told lightning can’t go through windows…*can it?*

Seems like summer’s also taken over in writerland. Not much news going around lately – besides Nell’s sale of course!! :o) – blogs are quiet, agents and editors may be in hibernation mode…and writers are on vacation. Except me, I apparently don’t do them lol I tried, and then my hand found a pen and four pages were scribbled out. Even when I’m trying to distract myself with RAW last night, still scribbling down stuff. When Shawn and Cena in the ring TOGETHER can’t keep me distracted, I start to worry.

Realized yesterday going through my agent grid, I never did hear back from one agent I queried in November (snailmail, with synop and first 3 chapters). Not sure what to do. Do I email and ask if the postal system lost the submission? Or plop down another $6 plus my US stamps and see if she actually replies this time. Any thoughts?? She’s supposed to be one of the fastest readers so I’m not sure. I mean it seems plausible it got lost, but what if she requested more and I don’t know…too much to think about in this mugginess. *g*

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  1. Hugs on the thunderstorm. That you can’t a vacation from writing is not bad at all. Vice versa! As for the agent, I don’t have much experience there, so I don’t know. Maybe e-mail her?

  2. I’d like a break though when those people in my head actually stay quite for awhile :o)
    I just shot off an email to her, asking if she could tell me if she received it. I’m thinking maybe she may have logged it if indeed she requested something. If

  3. I would check in, Lis. I would email if you can, to save postage. Otherwise, you’ll have to mail. Are you really interested in the agent? If you are, then I’d check in.

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