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Means the new tv shows are starting. I’ve caught a few this week, even 2 I didn’t think I’d watch. Anyone see MEN IN TREES? I love it. Its about a relationship coach who ends up in Alaska in a town where the men out number the women 10-1. There she finds out over the phone her fiance is seeing another woman and decides to stay. There’s a lot of funny scenes and good dialogue. Hope it sticks around for awhile.

Caught ‘Dancing With The Stars’ on Tuesday. Didn’t really want to watch it but I did. Like Joey (though the hairlessness is hard to get used to); Mario’s good and so is Emmitt. Vivica should make it pretty far. And I will be very happy when Willa (oh look bottom 3! *g*) leaves. Do not like that chick.

And saw a bit of Psych last night. From the blurb I didn’t think it was going to be as funny as it was. A guy pretends to be psychic to work on cases with the police and ends up starting his own private psychic detective business. Looks like a funny show.

Still waiting for CSI & the Miami version to start, along with HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER; Gilmore Girls; Desperate Housewives and a few others (and Las Vegas is the last show to premiere…boo!!)

Oh yeah and a little thing called hockey season starts soon WOOHOO!! though how long does it take for teams to update their websites with the new player pics?? Eh???

So any new shows you’ve seen and want to recommend or bash? :o)

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  1. I think it’s safe to say I’m watching just about everything, and loving that it’s finally good tv again!!!

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