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Question for the writers out there. As an unpubbed, how do you market yourself or your work? I’m curious to see how to do this.

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  1. Not sure how much help I can be, but I get to know other people by joining email loops and posting on boards, making sure to use my blog and website addresses as a tag so people can find out more about me. That’s about it — so far, anyway!

  2. I don’t market myself per se, but I do enjoy being part of the online community. And if I come across some great promo information, I might write it down.
    As for the shows for the previous post, I still like “Sex and the City” though now it’s mostly re-runs…

  3. Thanks for the answers guys 🙂 Jess, as an unpubbed did you get a lot of traffic to your website?

    That’s a good show Olga! I catch it every once in awhile.

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