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That would be me.

For not updating in oh about a week.

But its been a hellish week. So forgive me.

First off, what I predicted, came true. He didn’t play in Edmonton. Why they couldn’t dress him and put him in the damn lineup I have no clue. Even if he played 5 minutes, at least he would have been playing and I wouldn’t have felt like I threw a hell of a lot of cash away to sit there.
*sigh* But in funny moments, I was sitting there cheering apparently so loud and hard for Dallas the guy beside me thought I knew someone on the team *g* Had to almost laugh at that one.
But I did get on TV a few times when we watched the game on tape. Good shot of the jersey when one of the guys was getting ready in the shoot out lol

And then, they played him not only 2 nights later in Calgary, oh no he dressed and played last night in Vancouver too. Count me just a wee bit p.o’ed on that one.

What else…had the headache from hell last night. Seven hours of extreme yucky horrible pain. Nothing really seemed to work. And it was the kind that you couldn’t do anything with it just made it worse. But I think its sorta gone. Came back for a bit this afternoon but I found my tylenol and took a few which seemed to help. Fingers crossed it stays far far away. I need to try to get back to exercising at least a couple times a week and that headache just isn’t going to help any.

Other than that, I think I’m back on vacation again. As one of my good buds said, I’m back to overthinking and thinking too much which might lead to not so good things. So I’m taking a couple more days off. Sabrina isn’t going anywhere. I haven’t queried anyone on it so no one’s expecting anything. Good time to do it I guess.

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  1. Sorry about the game – and the headache. Ouch, I’ve had that kind before and it’s not nice. I should have watched the game – maybe I would have seen you? *g*
    I think my writings on a sabatical right now – nothings talking to me. 🙁

  2. hehe, definitely would have seen me when Jokinen was waiting to go for the shootout. :o) or rather the finland jersey cuz I stood up and started tugging at the logo lol

    Seems like the headaches and lack of writing’s going around right now. Just crossing my fingers the headache stays away this week. Definitely the worst one i’ve had in quite awhile.

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