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Abound. Between the laptop dvd drive, transfering files back and forth to have word tell me its corrupted (??) yet I can open it in works… things are making me batty. Is anyone else using statcounter and having issues? On the first I had no hits at all according to them and now its counting every pageload between 3-5x each. Yesterday I had 100 hits. Erm, not quite. I’m happy if I hit 30 hits a day.

Other than that, I had a good post all written up about books only to discover netscape has issues with blogger and shut down, losing my nice post. So I’ll try and recoup that this wknd.

No big wknd plans, keep editing, working on a side project too… since it keeps me sane when the other 2 characters decide to get out of hand. Query contest may still be going on on Romance Divas. Not sure. I think I judged most of the entries. Waiting to see if I got picked to mentor. I said I could do queries and synopsis so see if anyone asked for that :o)

What’s everyone else up to this wknd?

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  1. Oh, girl, hugs on the issues! I hope it all will get resolved soon – I can imagine how frustrating it can be. And best of luck to you partial to NYC!

  2. Thanks Olga *hugs* Might have fixed the stats issue tonight, we’ll have to wait and see. Partial is now in NYC so nailbiting time commences. *g*

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