Comes in Threes?

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Someone tell me Rs (or as I like to call them now, passes) come in threes. Monday brought a pass on the full from one of my top three choices. She sent a nice letter, complimenting the story but mentioned a few points I can fix up to take the manuscript to the next level. I think its my favorite pass ever actually.

Tuesday brought the pass on partial (1st three chapters) from the agent who’d had it since November. She liked the story, called Chey delightful… but… still a pass.

And today brings a form R from a third agent who had the first 100 pages. No comment on the story. Or why she didn’t like it… just… the usual form.

I still have three fulls out…but I’m hoping my stats get better, or I at least get a few days break between now and the next one. I think I need chocolate…

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  1. Oh, girl, I’m so sorry. At least, first two passes were good ones, though I know, it’s not much of the consolation. Let’s keep fingers crossed for the requests that are out there!

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