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After the discovery that even though we had a confirmation email, we weren’t hooked up to Centre Ice, a 40 minute wait on hold began and voila, 10 minutes into the Islanders vs Sabres games we were hooked up and ready to go!

Ah, its nice to have hockey back.

So I watched the isles game and then I went back and forth between Coyotes vs Canucks and the Oil vs Colorado. I think I called the smurf/green giant pairing when they acquired pronger didn’t I? But still, not enjoyable game to watch. And I think Georges only had one shift. Or it sure as heck seemed like it. And what the heck is with the coyotes? You have a great coach (no pun intended) so try to oh I don’t know, show up to play? Other than CuJo I don’t think any guy out there played a full 60 minute game.

I’m still stuck on names for Ava and Vin. So if you know of any good naming sites, shoot them my way please!! Its making me stuck and I can’t afford to go much longer without getting the synopsis partial package done.

Guess that’s about it…off to watch another game!

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