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So BB7 – ALL STAR edition ended tonight. The final two were not who I would have picked, Janelle and Will deserved to be there, or even just one of them with Boogie, but Erica? Her biggest claim to fame this go around was talking Janelle into booting Will. (boo!! That’s when the show lost its entertainment factor) I taped it to watch later since I missed some of the first part of where the jury was talking to the two houseguests still in the house. Did love that it was 6-1 vote, strictly on game play you really did have to go with Mike over her.

Now that BB is over for the year, my other fave Reality TV show is soon to start. Amazing Race 🙂 Should be another good year. Just saw too one channel up here is rerunning the earlier editions. Good time waster. 😀 And who can forget the most annoying edition ever, the FAMILY edition. I still get chills thinking about the most annoying team of all.

But we’re getting closer to the big tv excitement that is the NHL season. Since at the moment I lack the funds for centre ice (sniffle sniffle) I’m just glad TSN is putting the Stars game on tv on opening night! Looking forward to that. :o) The rest I’ll have to listen to online, but hey at least I can still follow the team…er the players anyways I like, since my fave players are now seriously scattered. Dallas Stars; Phoenix Coyotes and Potsi is now an Islander and Bert’s a Panther.

In writing news, not much going on. Lost the joy in writing I think for awhile, since no black moment seems to exist in the one wip I’m reading through old fanfic and realizing how I love the angst factor *g* something that’s obviously been missing from my manuscripts. May have to go back to it.

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  1. Love the avatar.

    Oh yeah, NHL will be starting soon … I guess if you can put up with my NFL, I can put up with the NHL – still root for the Stars, have to stay with the hometown crowd. But I’m embarrassed to say – you might have to keep me up to date. LOL

  2. Thanks 🙂 Figured I’d left her standing alone in the desert long enough *g*

    hehe, will do. Preseason officially starts tonight and their actually televising one of the stars preseason game on Tuesday night, I think I’m ordering pizza to celebrate!

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