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Tickets aside for the moment, though I did make ebay my new homepage *sigh* I’ve been thinking a lot about the writing again.

First, I think I’m going to enter a contest. :o) I’ve never entered any except in fanfic world, so this should be a brand new experiance for me. Played with the prologue and chapter 1 for HER PROTECTOR and sent it to my bud to look over. Since she’s going out of town on Thursday hopefully she’ll be able to look at it soon. Then I can get it emailed in or whatever, I’m not exactly clear on the details yet (it was almost 2am when I stumbled across the guidelines)

Still waiting to hear on STTA, today is I think 11 weeks, next week marks the 3 month point. I think its more the where is it now that’s getting to me then anything else. If they R it, I do have my back up plan and list of agents to query it on.

Other than that, I’ve got Winning Bid to finish or try to. Find my idea for the new EPIC line, which is interesting. Not sure whether to try the contest or go right ahead and send the partial when I finally get around to things. Guess that depends on whether I can make the October deadline for that or not. Then I want to get Shattered back in contention shape (strange, I’m rewriting it by hand at night without the hard copy from ’99/’01 in front of me and its almost the exact same stuff, just updated by my voice…wacky) and get that out hopefully by the end of the year. Add in somewhere in there my Bombshell and I’m exhausting myself already :o)

Off to catch Big Brother and see who’s paired with who!

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  1. Best of luck on the contest if you enter! What contest is that?

  2. Which one?

    There’s the Harlequin Epic Contest and then the Contest Junkies or Romance Junkies I can’t remember the right name…

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