October Ramble Bamble

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So far, I’d say October isn’t half bad. :o)

Went out last night for a little while.

Decided to reward myself today and go to Wal-Mart where they supposedly had WWE DVDs on sale. And oh they did… *g* I managed to score John Cena word life… *sigh*
And lets just say, interesting footage of him in the extras. *eg* That was worth the $$ alone.

I grabbed two other wwe titles too, going back later in the week hoping that there were some still packed away in the boxes. But man, can they hire someone who has a clue they even stock these things? “Uh, well we don’t carry WWE…” *Uhm dude, look in my basket in my hand, there are 3…yes 3 wwe dvds in the blue plastic basket.* “But we did have some box sets somewhere…” and points to the wall aka abyss of dvds. Uh yeah…let’s try and find something wwe in there *rolls eyes*

So yeah…anyways…

According to astrologyzone this month, this is a key month for my career, maybe even the most important of the decade. Hmmm, well the three partials are hopefully on their way east, I had a form R in my inbox this morning from an agent who I think plain doesn’t like me lol And I’m trying to figure out how to shift trouble around. And names…I need names. Because Ava and Vin have to cease being Ava and Vin at least for awhile!

Enough rambleys from me…


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