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Dancing With The Stars – The Dance Off = or as I call it, O’Hurley whines and moans till we call him champ. *eye rolls* As my mom said yesterday, they better have a dance off with the next one or its fixed. And please, him saying no one deserved a 30 out of 30. Well then I guess neither do you buddy. Phhft! :o)

NHL Centre Ice – why advertise and show the exhibition games in the listings if your not turning the darn channels on until October 5th. *shakes head* But thanks to NHL Network I at least get to see the Islanders play twice before the season starts. No one needs to spend half an hour on the phone and call two different numbers to find that out…

I might be able to send a partial to KY sooner than anyone expected (including me) though at this point, I don’t know its going to be winning bid. I’m looking at Trouble and though its Ava and Vin, I could change the characters and the locale (Malibu maybe?) and try it there. Though then that little word conflict is going to show up again.

Need to work on a bio paragraph for one of the agent partials and a para on my career. Debating what to say there…aside from one day wanting to be published and make a little $$…I don’t want to say I want to be the next Nora but I don’t want to sound underachiever either.

Enough rambles from me


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  1. Yes, bio para is a tough one, but I’m sure you’ll make it work! As for Vin and Ava, sure, why don’t you try to change characters a little, and it could become a great partial?

  2. The bio bit’s going to be short. Not even a para but I don’t have a lot to put there so *shrug* not really much I can do about that though.

    Think I’m going to try it, I like the title though, so keep that. Just need new names for those two. The joys of naming characters!

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