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Well now that I’ve got that Elton John song in my head *g* Sorry for the whiny posts of the week, but it seemed like everything just sorta hit at once. If it had been spaced out a bit I could have dealt with it better, but it didn’t and the week was stressful enough with dude being on holidays and the other stuff. One big giant week of argh and I still can’t make sense of some of it.

So, realizing my Temptation wanna-be that I’m almost 7K words into has no plot sucks. I can’t figure out where it was going. I know what she does but what does he do? I know what he looks like, what he sounds like (ah, love basing my characters off him) but just what does this incarnation do… I was thinking wealthy playboy but eh… I just don’t know. Its like I took two of my old story ideas and merged them into one and ended up in disaster zone. Maybe I should separate them and see what happens. Great, more work :o)

I think I’ve learned too much about writing lol I’m questioning conflicts and motivations. Personally I prefer just writing and seeing where it gets me. Plotting makes me feel like I’ve already written the book so why write it again? I know what happened, what she said, what he did and where they broke up…been there, done that, and both h/H are wearing the t-shirts.

What else to babble about. Finished one of the books I won a few weeks ago. Trish Wylie’s HER REAL LIFE HERO. Absolutely great book!! First of hers I’ve read but I’m going to try and track a couple more of down.

Alright, nuff from me. Its overcast and cool out so I can’t seed my last pot but I’ll try and attempt some writing on my Bombshell wannabe.


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  1. Lis, I felt that way for a long time–plotting made me feel as if the book was already written. I still don’t plot real tightly–but I have learned to follow a synopsis because it’s just working smarter, requires less revision and rewriting. I leave room for the surprises I need along the way to keep me interested! I can’t do intense outlining. That would take all the fun out for me–I stick with major turning points and plot points, then let myself play between them.

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