Long Weekend

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Well, the long weekend wasn’t all that productive writing wise. Was having pain off and on for three days which meant I couldn’t even sit at the computer for any length of time, which meant no work got done *sigh*

Did manage to watch the Pens game, go Pens go!! So glad they’re moving on to the finals. I’m so tempted to buy my Sid jersey now, because I could get the stanley cup finals crest on it… decisions, decisions, decisions.

And I found out one of my favorite bands of all time is playing Edmonton in November. Sweet!! I never got to see them in person the one time they played here back in the 90s so cannot wait :o)
Add that to the Kid Rock concert in July and I am one very happy concert goer!!

Other then that, did some planting outside. Still haven’t done my big pots yet, but did the one flower bed at the back of the house. Way too any ants outside lately. And they aren’t little ones either, they are seriously huge in size. Yuck. Got a bit of a sunburn on my shoulders but the shea butter lotion seems to be working wonders for that :o)

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