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Or so it feels like it.

Going through my list of agents, updating addresses and emails to get ready to send out stuff. Gotta admit there’s a little nervous excitement going on right now! *g*

And to top of that this is the middle of a good week, last night I got to watch hockey. As in real NHL, hockey, live as it was being played. The New York Islanders *g* vs the New York Rangers. Ah the excitement, the rush, real NHL Players on my tv again. It was almost a miracle I got to see the game, since it wasn’t advertised and we called the satellite company to find out if that channel was going to be turned on before the game. Turns out that channel didn’t matter, one of our others was picking it up.

Now, if only they’d update the team pictures on the nyi page!

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  1. Best of luck with the agent! I hope you’ll get one soon, and a great one at that!

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