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Till the puck drops. The excitement…the anticipation…the time to dig out the ol’ jersey.

Now that I’ve let that bit of woohoo out of my system, I can concentrate on my nerves. I’m mailing out the partials tomorrow, needed time to think up a decent cover letter (I hate them, I really really hate them), figure out my bio (its a line and a half!) and then reread the partial. I found Jas fought back a yawn, rolled over and then yup, finally yawned. Hmmm…guess I really was proofing at 4 am the day I printed that out lol

But labels are printed for the partials, I did my envelopes for the SASEs, a different font for each agent so I can sorta guess by that who’s the quicker reader…and now I’m debating postage.
See, Canada Post has this nice little habit of oh actually not delivering things. Like a partial I sent in November…which never made it there. Yup. I still need to find out if there’s a way to get the $$ on that one. Because according to the nice agent I emailed 9 months later, there’s no record of Her Protector ever having arrived in NYC.

So what to do? Send it letter and hope and pray for a small miracle the ones I mail arrive in the big city…or shell out mucho money ($15 and up) for that small pack of 56 pages to arrive with tracking in a special cardboard envelope. Course if they aren’t there in 5 business days, I get to call and get that back (should I tell you how many times I’ve had to call on that little bit?) I think my name’s got a star beside it in their computer.

But I digress…the actual prep work on partials is almost sometimes worse than writing the thing itself.

And then, I get the joys of prepping one for Mod-Ex hopefully next month. :o)

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  1. Fingers crossed for you and sending lucky dust your way.

  2. Yay for mailing!!! Fingers crossed for you!!

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