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Have you ever felt like you were in a rut?

Definitely feels like I am and lovely *pep* talks from my dad aren’t helping. Not like they really ever have, but that’s not what this blog entry’s about. I had a request via a pitch slam on father’s day for the first 30 pages of Sabrina. They haven’t been mailed yet. In fact they haven’t even been printed off yet. I haven’t been able to get down to the post office and I’m really wondering about sending them in at all right now.

I’m slowly making some progress with edits (after a good month of nothingness) and it just still doesn’t feel like everything’s falling into place yet. Maybe that’s part of the problem, the length of time this ones taking. And in chat with an author tonight, she said if you don’t love the project that comes through. Erm, uh oh? I don’t know.

Anyways, to go with a better topic. What books coming out this summer are you all looking forward to reading? I’m hoping to pick up a few if I get lucky and find them – the new Carly Phillips in the Hot Zone trilogy; Angels with Attitude by Michelle Rowen; What, No Roses? by Marianne Marcusi (I hope I spelt that right); and Secret Society Girl, which I actually forgot the last 3 came out this month. Doh.

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  1. I’m looking forward to the Shalvis books coming out – Just Try Me, August; and Out of This World in September (yes, I still consider that Summer); Kay Hooper’s newest – Sleeping With Fear (I think).

    I know all about ruts. And the advice is correct – your attitude about the project can show up in the work.

  2. You know since I can’t even remember what day it is lately, I completely forgot Jill’s new blaze was out next month. Doh! And I just looked at it at ehq the other day too. Sheesh. And I count Sept. as summer too, esp. since I got out of school! *G*

    Yeah, that’s what I keep worrying about. If its going to show up in Sab in the trouble spots *eeks*

  3. I definitely recommend Carly’s book “Hot Stuff”…great book!! Also, I’m looking forward to Jill Shalvis’ “Just Try Me”

  4. I’m planning on putting those in on the next ehq order 😀 I love Carly’s HOT series. Just saw in her newsletter she’s planning on continuing the series!

  5. Isn’t CLOSER good? Can’t wait for the next book in the series. Boone’s a great hero.
    The block finally lifted on Sabrina, figured out what I didn’t like in the chap I was stuck on – Sab wasn’t acting like Sab, so no fear on me abandoning that one right now 😀 I just wanna type the end and mean it lol

  6. Closer was a great book!! I am so glad that it is going to become a series!
    I can definitely relate to being in a rut…for me it’s finding a job. I just want to find a job that I will be at least a little bit excited about going to. I don’t think that is too much to ask 🙂

  7. Me too. Should be interesting to see who the next book in the series features.

    Not too much to ask, good luck with the job search!

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