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Because I can’t think of a title. And my brain is fried.

So, the one show I’ve really gotten into lately (say the last month) is Most Haunted on the w network up here in Canada (and let’s not forget the new show, Derek Acorah’s ghost towns, just as good) on Friday’s they show about three or four episodes back to back. Which I count as research for Sabrina and whatever follows it. There’s only been a few episodes that creeped me out so much I refused to go downstairs to turn off the computer (its a dark dark basement is my excuse) For those of you who aren’t familiar with the exploits of Derek, Yvette, Karl and crew, they go to a most haunted site (mostly in Britain though there have been a few in the California region) where they spend twenty-four hours. Some of which occur in complete darkness with night vision cameras, where Yvette will command everyone to shush or shut up; orbs will most likely be seen and there’s a good chance Derek may become possessed. Oh and Richard, I think that’s his name will venture off on his own with camcorder in hand to be scared witless. And half the time, so will Karl. Though he’s much more fun.

Excitement at its best :o) No really. It is. Except when they creep me out too much. I can handle orbs. I can handle the episode where the bed moved on its own and no one was in the room. But the creepiest one by far was when they went to the house of detention. Still gives me the creeps thinking about it.

Anyways, off to watch another ep at ten.

So what have you been watching lately?

(blame this pointless babble on the heat)

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  1. Well you already know I like both of those programs, Most Haunted more than than Derek Acorah’s one. I just sometimes forget that their on.

  2. :o) Yeah I remembered you watched Most Haunted

    We just started getting ghost towns last week. The girl on there with him is annoying sometimes, like she’s trying to be yvette which isn’t working. We just saw the one that took place in the brewery where she decided she wanted to leave the one crew member alone and take off with Derek. But your right, MH is better.

  3. I love Most Haunted, and it was actually my inspiration for HH! 🙂 Did you know Karl and Yvette are married? Also, Stuart the cameraman is Yvette’s cousin. Derek has left now since doubts about his authenticity came to light…

  4. Really? What doubts? Wow – spill the gossip!

  5. Oh do tell!!! Wow, that’s a shocker about Derek.

    I think I heard somewhere about Yvette and Carl but no clue about Stuart. Very cool! Its a great show for inspiration 🙂

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  7. (Sorry — link didn’t work in first post) In the episode at Bodmin Jail Derek starts to sense a South African man called “Kreed Kafer”. This was a setup by Ciaran O’Keefe (the sci guy), who’d been getting suspicious about Derek’s validity. This made-up character was quietly talked about in pre-show preparations to see if Derek would then pick up on it. He did, which confirmed to all of them that he was a faker. They specifically came up with the name “Kreed Kafer” because it is an anagram of “Derek Faker”! You can read the whole story at:

  8. Wow, how disappointing. I’m going to go and read the story.

  9. Weird. I watched MH last night, keeping an eye on Derek to see if he seemed any different now that I was trying to see if he was ‘faking’ or not.

    the funny thing though is the odd time they have the other psychic/medium David there, sometimes they will both pick up on the same things.

    I do find it funny its Ciaran who set it up, as I always thought he didn’t seem to particularly like D & co. The other ones were usually much more open to what was going on. Look fwd to seeing that ep though! :o)

  10. You’ve made me curious about MH. I like the idea of watching TV as research, but alas I mostly watch it because I like it.

  11. Check an episode out if you can sometime Olga. :o) Its become a little addiction of mine (no doubt helped because its on every other night here)

    Me too. But its funny the things that can count as research. With Sabrina MH really counts for the paranormal element (lots of orb sightings) and I watch soaps as research too, Gh has several possible hero material guys!

  12. I think they just got suspicious over time because any info he gave would be spot on what local books said, but when pushed for more he would do his old “come forward” collapsing trick! Another suspicious thing that happened at a castle on a live show once was Derek saying that Margaret of Anjou was talking to him. But he said her name as “ANN-JOO”, whereas because she was French, she would have pronounced her name “ON-ZHOO”. Derek’s stupid rambling “protecion” spell before they did ouija was always a bit of a laugh as well — “we ask with the utmost respect and love and light for the spirits of the white circle to come around us and shelter us in this communication and for the pureness of heart to take root in our circle of respect” — yada yada yada! It was different every time and you would think he’d have something down pat! Oops, gone on a bit long… 🙂

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