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Its HOT. I mean really, unbearable hot.

It’s been nice the last few days but the heat woke me up at 8 o’clock this morning (I’m usually up till 2 or 3 then get up at ten) and I’ve been hiding near the fans ever since. I did manage to clean up the bookshelf a little, keywords being: a little. Its sad when you start running out of places to stash them. But I found a spot to put the overflow and redid the review pile so most of them are where I can get to easily. :o)

What else is new, apparently threatening your printer with the word RETURN will get it to work. Since the router/modem fried 2 months ago I have been sans printer, well the new one anyway. I’ve tried installing it literally a dozen times and it wouldn’t take, would never find it. Finally dad said if its not taking, its going back since its only a couple months old. I said I’d try it one more time and voila, I now have a (new) printer again.

Let’s see what else to talk about. Writing is still ho-hum at the moment. Really at the point where I’d like to work on something new please. Still debating what to do with CS. Maybe it needs to go rest in the desk for another few months or so.

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