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Please, don’t all rejoice at once *g*

I think it was some nasty 24 hour bug, but today I feel better and celebrated by ordering pizza hut. Not enough sauce for my liking but still, real food. Yay!!

In the write-on 20 pages/14 day challenge I’m at er, well 17 for Monday; 2 yesterday before I fell icky and today so far… Z E R O. I’ll change that soon. Settle in upstairs and finish off the scene I was playing with Monday. So far the heroine and her new spunky friend (who showed up out of nowhere) decided to show off one of the cool places I didn’t know existed, till the bad guys discovered where they were. Last I saw, Ashtyn (my h) and Stone (my H) were hearing the pounding on the steel door. Guess I should go find out who’s on the other side lol

This one’s my darker para romance, but I want to keep some of the humor in so right now its not dark dark. Trying to keep it Buffy/Angel in tone. You know there’s bad stuff happening, but someone could break into song at any moment (well not really… at least… well they haven’t yet)
so see how it goes. I have to do some deep thinking on the myth behind a few things in the story and do some backstory for the villian (who right now I cast as Jax from GH, could change… but he has to be a pretty boy) so that should fill up somewhere about 10 pages. *fingers crossed*

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