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I’m trying hard to forget how long the latest round of submissions has been out. (One since Feb. 19th if you must know… that’s the longest one…) I finishing up my nocturne blurb on the weekend, well I had the paragraphs done, the hero finally renamed himself to a decent name last week (Ryder) and I got a title I can live with yesterday so off I emailed. So its in and I can relax, look over the research questions one of the ladies on one of my loops kindly answered and work it in. One answer spawned a new scene which I think will fit well and maybe make my hero doubt my heroine’s abilities a little less, and it should make for a bit of an amusing scene if its from her perspective, but I might try his first, just to see.

Weekend wasn’t too exciting. Read a couple more review books “THE SQUAD: PERFECT COVER” by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (I think). Great YA! Check it out if you like reading YA. And do yourself a favor and pick up #2, because when I was done with Perfect Cover I was very glad I had #2 waiting on the bookshelf. Baked some coconut chocolate chip cookies on Saturday. Lost the internet for a couple hours (not good, when I was already in panic mode over the nocturne pitch) and then the blasted svcthing.exe went back up to 100 on the desktop and froze the computer. Its been happening pretty much every day for the last few weeks. Pain in the rear! And I can’t figure out how to fix it so I’ve been manually overriding it from task manager every time it starts to freeze up, but that’s a pain too. I’ll have to do some more googling I guess or hit one of the comp forum sites and see what they say.

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