Pour myself a drop of ambition…

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Gotta love titles I can take from songs lol

In travels on the net today, stumbled across this – a good interview with Nadia from Firebrand: http://www.wildchildpublishing.com/content/view/159/46/
And anyone whose a dog person is okay in my books *thumbs up*

What else can I add to this ramble of a post. Let’s see…
Yesterday, good day on ebay. I was the winning bidder on DJ’s Heartbeat CD *sigh* I so cannot wait to get this in the mail!!! It’ll make a nice combo with my poster when it arrives :o)

Other than that, eh…

Sabrina’s next draft is going. Not bad. Not excitingly good either. Though I can’t wait to be finished and finally move on. And don’t remind me of the synopsis and query this one needs, those are bad BAD words right now :o)

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