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Well the nocturne blurb for the pitch is in, after spending the weekend brainstorming up titles (and oh some of them were B_A_D). So I can relax on that part and work on getting the research notes I got from a q&a; into the ms. Fun! Actually the lady who answered my questions gave me tons of info which actually got me another scene idea for the novel. Should be good once I get it all down. Plus I get to spend the time typing up the handwritten pages, which unfortunately for this one, there is a lot of.

In other news, its that fun time of year. Playoffs. And yay Sidney and the Penns!! And Big Georges for setting up that lovely first goal last night. Just too bad he didn’t get the goal, but at least its an assist and I watched a bit of the press conference after. Really wish I’d had capture going since SC looked HUGE in that t-shirt. Dad thought he looked more like a linebacker. So I’m googling for awhile tonight trying to find a pic of that. Planning on watching game 2 of the Flames series, don’t get why they’re playing back to back the first two nights, but hopefully the result is the same as last night. Go Flames Go!

And in the big yay, I got more review books yesterday :o) My bookshelf is threatening to overfill at the moment, but I’ll tidy it up some more soon. Looks like some great ones to add to the to-be-reviewed pile. 4 YAs from Simon and Schuster and Alyssa Day’s Atlantis Awakening. Can’t wait for that one.

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